New software added to the wish list

Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

When Susan told me that David wants to buy the Avid Pro Tools software, I told her I’d try to help her find the best deal on it that I could. When I saw how much money it cost, I was surprised, to say the least. I suggested that Susan tell David that he needs to put that on his Christmas Wish list, and they had best be saving the pennies and dollars very hard! I don’t understand why software has to be so expensive!


The Party is Over

Labor Day (free clip art)

Labor Day (free clip art)

Tomorrow we will be heading back to work after a most pleasant Labor Day nice and long three day holiday weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and most people spent as much time as they could enjoying it. I guess today was officially the last day of summer, sigh……


Tending to our women

As I was just saying, women have special needs. Especially when it comes to their emotional and physical health. So many of our women are suffering from a lot more stresses than their mothers and grandmothers ever did. Juggling families, homes, and jobs is more stress than a lot of them can handle. Many women turn to alcohol or drugs in an effort to “self-medicate” the stress away. Some of these women end up addicted and what used to help them to deal with the stress of life ends up becoming the most stressful part of their lives of all!

I think that It only makes sense to offer women a specialized alcohol treatment program that caters to their special needs. Generic “one size fits all” programs just won’t do as good a job as an alcohol rehabilitation program geared just for the emotional and physcial needs of today’s women.


Women have special needs

I find it very disturbing that so much of what the doctors “know” is based on research that has been focused on men, with the thought process going that women are just like men, only smaller. More and more the medical profession is discovering that women’s bodies do NOT react the same as men’s bodies in the physiological response sense. And women do not respond emotionally the same way as men do in many cases.

We need to take care of our women. It only makes sense. We depend on them to take care of us, but if they are not healthy and happy they then they can not take good care of us! Then WE won’t be happy either!


Trendy maternity clothes

Paula’s sister Bethany came over yesterday to go shopping for maternity clothes with Paula. Bethany is about three months pregnant and is just getting over her morning sickness. She’s starting to show now, and is anxious to buy some cute and trendy maternity clothes that she can wear to work.

Paula suggested that they shop online instead of traveling to the big mall and walking from store to store. They found the greatest website for maternity clothes. They were very happy with the low prices and trendy fashions that they found; they had a lot of cute clothes for under $10! Paula was even jealous of some of the really pretty dresses that they ordered for Bethany!


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