A Guide to Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Many hearing loss sufferers struggle to actively participate in conversations, on top of laboring to hear low tones. There are some hearing loss sufferers who deny there’s an issue, due to the appearance of a hearing aid, but many styles can easily be hidden. Behind-the-ear models are the most effective hearing aid, as they can be finely tuned for specific lifestyles. Choosing the right one will be based on your hearing loss and preferences.

There are two different types of behind-the-ear hearing aids from which to choose:  closed and open fit. A doctor will mold the closed fit model in the office to fit the outer ear. They are bigger than open models, but are more effective as they close off the auditory canal; in doing so whistling is minimized. An open fit can be more comfortable and uses only a thin, clear tube to perform its task. Although it’s not as effective, it’s cosmetically appealing to those desiring to hide their aid.

No matter the type you choose, behind-the-ear models are easy to adjust, insert and handle. They’re designed for a wide-range of hearing loss types and can be molded for a comfortable fit. Additionally, they have greater battery life.

New contraption

Sometimes I get really frustrated with new electronic devices. My wife just bought a device that is supposed to be a VCR/DVD player and recorder. It was delivered yesterday. She bought it because she has a video camera that records on tapes and she had no way to transfer it from the tape to a digital format so she could copy it onto a DVD or send it as a file over the computer.

So as I was saying, this thing was delivered yesterday and now I’m trying to set it up. Of course it is not working the way the instructions tell me it is going to work, not even the initial set up. So I’m getting frustrated. I don’t understand why these things don’t work the way the instructions say they will work! Technology and machines are great when they work the way they are supposed to work, but when they don’t work that way, they are a huge pain in the neck!

A big influence in our lives

Walt Disney has always been a huge influence in our lives. Both my wife and I can remember as really young children watching the Wonderful World of Disney on television, and of course watching the Mouseketeers on the Mickey Mouse Club! We grew up with them! And our parents took us to so many of the wonderful Disney Movies as kids. I blame the Bambi movie for my wife’s refusal to eat venison!

My wife had the good fortune to go to DisneyWorld many more times than I have been able to go. When she was younger she lived close enough to Orlando to be able to drive there in a one day drive, and spend a week with her grandmother that lived only a half hour away from Kissimmee! She went there every year for many years! Lucky lucky lucky!

But now her grandmother isn’t there anymore, and my wife moved too far away to go there frequently. Many changes have happened; she’s never been to the Animal Kingdom part of DisneyWorld. As much as she loves animals, I’m sure that is one place she would love to go the next time we can arrange to go. We’ll probably be trying to rent a condo through the Orlando Vacation Rentals service when we figure out a good time to go. We like having all the comforts of home when we go away and not just be confined to a small two-bed one-bath room at a typical motel.

How to Get Back to Playing Sports After an Injury as Soon as Possible

Whether you’re in a minor league or you simply enjoy playing sports, being sidelined by an injury is devastating. It’s especially a problem if you play for your college and your financial aid is contingent upon your performance. When it comes to sports injuries, you want them to heal fast – but you also want them to heal correctly so they don’t cause you more pain down the line. Visit an orthopedic specialist and see what he can do for you.

See If Surgery Is Needed

In some cases, orthopedic surgery offers the injured athlete the past chance of fast recovery. However, there is recovery time to consider after the surgery, so it may not be your quickest option. Trust your orthopedic surgeon to know if surgery is the right path for you.

Ask for a Two-Day Guarantee

The right orthopedic specialist will be able to offer you a two-day guarantee. That means that whenever you call due to an injury, you’ll be able to meet with a specialist within two days to start your treatment right away.

A walk-in or emergency clinic is a start, but the full extent of your healing process won’t happen until you meet with an orthopedic specialist. Every minute counts when it comes to getting you back in the game, so it’s important you see a specialist as soon as possible.


Watching television

My brother just moved to a very rural area where his television options are limited. He can’t get cable television at all because no cable company has run their cables out that far. The rooftop antenna only gets two channels and both of them are fuzzy. So he has decided to get satellite tv installed at his house.

He was annoyed at first that he couldn’t get cable because he thought that the satellite TV was going to cost him more, but he has found a package of services that he is happy about and he said that the cost of that package is comparable to what he had to pay at his previous house for the cable services. Now he’s actually excited about the service because he says that he is getting a few extra channels that he didn’t have before but had always wanted to get!