A Helpful Video About the Affordable Care Act found on YouTube

My sister has been telling me that she never got around to signing up for the Affordable Care Act! I know that the deadline has passed for signing up without suffering some type of penalty that may affect a tax refund. I didn’t have to worry about it personally because I have health insurance from my employment. But I am worried about my sister! So I did some checking around for information about the ACA, and found this YouTube video that was created by a href=”http://www.insuranceagentsnearyou.com/Don-Allred-and-Assoc/Burlington/NC/92105.html”>don allred insurance. I am putting the video here on my blog, to make it easier for her to find, and I am going to tell her to come to my blog and watch the video. I hope it helps her!

Durn fruit flies

We have been inundated with fruit flies in our house over the past couple of weeks. They started out in the kitchen, around the compost bucket. So we’ve been emptying and washing the compost bucket every day, and put all of the fresh produce in the refrigerator, thinking that would get rid of them over the course of a few days. Well, those little buggers have continued to multiply and are now in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. I’ve heard that the bathroom flies are called drain flies. I don’t know if they are different than fruit flies or not, but they are driving me crazy! So I’m going to try one of those DIY traps I’ve read about where you take some apple cider vinegar and put it in a soda bottle. I found this YouTube video from “the produce guy” that explains the trap and how it works!

Shake it up

Sister in red

Sister in red

My sisters have been taking belly dance classes in Winchester over the past several months. They decided a few months ago that they would give it a try; it seemed like a lot of fun and a good way to get exercise without it actually feeling like exercise!

It took them a while to find out where they could take lessons in belly dance in Winchester, but they found a teacher named Miramar who holds belly dance classes in Winchester and they signed up.

sister in blue

sister in blue

Recently, after much nagging on my part they sent me a photo of them dancing in their costumes! Looks like they were having fun twirling around!

Let’s eat out!

Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse

One of my favorite local restaurants is the Outback Steakhouse. I love their mashed potatoes, and they serve a great steak too. Sometimes I order the pork chop, but I have to order it without any spices on it; if I forget to do that I don’t like it at all. The are two things I don’t like about eating at the Outback Steakhouse – first of all their booths and chairs are not very comfortable, and second is that on the weekend if you don’t get there early enough you have to wait a very long time for a table.

It’s a good system that they have, though, for waiting for a table. They take your name and give you a type of pager that has lights on it. You can go outside and sit on the porch and have a drink while you wait for the pager to go off. Usually by the time you have finished your drink, the light on the pager flashes and then you can go in and be seated, so it’s not usually too bad. Unless the weather is bad, and then it’s not so good because they have very limited, very uncomfortable waiting accommodations inside.

Trimming the insurance budget

In addition to trying to make our house as energy efficient as possible, we are looking for ways to cut our expenses everywhere we can. So we’re also looking to trim our insurance budget. I found some good government-sponsored websites I think can help us with that. I went to Google and did some searching and I found quite a lot of information out there!

What seems most promising at the moment is the page “12 Ways to lower your homeowners insurance costs” and the New York State governments page titled “Homeowners Insurance Information For Consumers”. I found both of these sites through the US governments web page usa dot gov/Citizen/Topics/Family/Homeowners dot shtml.

I think with these resources, I should be able to find some ways to trim our budget!