So many types of heat guns

When Sarah told me that she was interested in buying a heat gun for her craft room, I thought I’d help her do some competitive price shopping and look for the best deal online. So I went to Google and typed in “heat guns.” I was really surprised at how many results came in! I spent a few minutes checking out the different pages – there were some websites where I found heat guns that were craft related, hobby related, and work related. I was quite surprised to see that there were a lot of different ranges of heat settings. Some of the heat guns have a variable heat control that you can change from 250 degrees up to 1100 degrees! That’s quite handy, don’t you agree?

I guess I need to show Sarah the different pages and results that I found before I go and order any of them for her. She might have gone ahead and ordered one herself by now, even though she only mentioned it yesterday. Sometimes she will tell me that she is “interested in buying” something and then upon further investigation I find that she has already purchased it! I’m not quite sure why she does that – maybe she thinks it will soften the blow somehow. I wish she wouldn’t do that, though. In fact, I think that from now on when she does say that I would be smart to ask her if that means that she already purchased the item. That just might save me some time and aggravation!


Shooting range

My sister-in-law recently decided that she wants to learn how to shoot a gun. She has had one for several years but never learned how to do anything with it at all. A few weeks ago some new neighbors moved into the house next door to her and she is afraid of them; she thinks that now is a good time to learn how to shoot! So she’s going to come over to my house this afternoon and I’m going to take her to the shooting range and teach her how to use her gun.


It looks like furniture

When I saw the wood-grain, rear facing earl boom box cajon on the musiansfriends website, I was really surprised to learn that it was a type of drum! I have never seen anything like it before – it looks like a fine piece of furniture.

Wanting to hear what one sounds like, I went onto YouTube to look for some videos of people playing a cajon. I think that these little percussion instruments are really awesome! Here is one video that I found of a guy playing a tune on one. Enjoy!


My cat

My cat thinks that the world revolves around him. He thinks strange people are out to kill him and he has to hide. He thinks that the vacuum cleaner is the work of the devil. He thinks a closed door is a bad door, and needs to be open at all times. He thinks that there is no such thing as too much food in his feed dish. He thinks that houseplants are appetizers and mice are dessert. He thinks that I should not wear jewelry, or belts. He thinks that being brushed is a preview of being in heaven.


Don’t borrow my pen!

Last night we went to a local outdoor concert. We were given some raffle tickets when we purchased our admission, and we had to fill them out with our names and addresses and put them in a box that was close to the stage. When we finished filling out our tickets, a stranger came up to my wife and asked if she could borrow her pen. My wife, trying to be nice, said “sure.” That really surprised me because she is a germaphobe in training, and is always worried about germs and bacteria. The lady took the pen to her seat and used it to fill out her raffle tickets. My wife watched her anxiously, and then gasped in horror as the lady coughed on her pen!

My wife whispered to me “I can’t believe that lady just coughed on my pen!” I told her “tell her she can keep the pen when she brings it back.” My wife exclaimed “It’s my favorite pen!” I suggested that when the lady brings the pen back that my wife wipe it down with some hand sanitizer wipes that she carries in her purse. She said that is what she would do. The lady returned the pen, and thanked my wife. My wife smiled sweetly and said “you’re welcome” and then tossed the pen on the ground in disgust. I never DID see whether or not she picked it up and cleaned it with hand sanitizer, but I suspect she did so when I wasn’t looking. I don’t think she left it on the ground.

I am glad I am not quite as much of a germaphobe as my wife, but I do find it incredible that the lady coughed on the pen!


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