Do you know what a capo does?

Don’t you just hate feeling stupid? I sure do! So when Gregg told me that he had ordered a shubb for his guitar, I just said “cool” and made a mental note to myself to go home and get onto YouTube and find out what a “capo” actually is! Well, I not only found out what a capo is, but that the one that Gregg was buying is highly recommended by several reviewers who claim to not be profiting from their endorsements, I felt relieved to now be a little bit better informed, and happy that Gregg is getting a good one. And, in case you don’t know what a capo is, or what it does, you can watch this video and learn about it, just like I did!

Easter is right around the corner

Easter is right around the corner. Yesterday my wife and I were grocery shopping, trying to use up all of the coupons that we had that were going to expire as of the end of the month and every where I looked I saw some kind of reference to Easter. There was a demonstrator there handing out samples of a particular brand of spiral ham. We did end up buying one of the hams, but it was only about two pounds worth. My wife said that she thought we would go ahead and have it for Easter, but when we got home and were unpacking all of our groceries it looked as if we did not buy very much meat so we might actually end up eating it sooner than planned.

As we were shopping I kept finding things that I thought we should buy and she kept saying “not today, not today, hurry up.” We were actually at the grocery store for two hours shopping, and spent around $400.00. All of the coupons we used saved us over $40, but I was still in shock that we spent as much money as we did. Of course we DID have two shopping carts full of food, so I suppose that I should not have been THAT shocked! But it did give me a greater understanding of just how much money we spend on groceries!

Green beer

Getting pinched (free clip art)

Getting pinched (free clip art)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you “out there” in “Blog World.” I hope you all had a great day and drank lots of green beer, and ate lots of corned beef and cabbage. I like the light-heartedness of St. Patrick’s Day; I don’t know anybody who disdains it at all. I can remember as a child being sure to wear green to avoid being pinched! I don’t know where or how the “pinching” tradition started, but there were a couple of years in my youth that I wished that tradition didn’t exist!

Daylight savings time

Tonight is the night that we put our clocks ahead one hour when we go to bed. I like having extra daylight in the evening, but I don’t like having the extra darkness in the morning. I was hearing on the news that there is a significant increase in heart attacks in the general population when we change the clocks back and forth. I think we ought to just pick one time and stick to it. I don’t like trying to get my body to adjust to a new sleeping and eating schedule.

From one holiday to the next

Easter Gift Baskets have already appeared on the store’s shelves, right beside the clearance Valentine’s Day candy. I noticed that last weekend when I dropped into Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I was walking past the seasonal section and realized that it was the perfect time to score some discount Valentine’s candy to take home and share with the family.

One of the things that I’ve tried to do in regards to holidays like Easter is to reuse and recycle a lot of the “trimmings.” For example, the plastic grass, the plastic eggs, and the baskets themselves can be reused over the years. Just the thought of buying one of those cellophane-wrapped baskets that are intended to be thrown away a week later, filling up the landfills makes me cringe.

That is one of the things that I really admire about my mother, and about my wife; they are so creative and thrifty with their talents to be able to reuse and re-purpose items in such a way that it never looks like they are being “cheap.” In fact, some of the things that they re-purpose have turned into well-loved family heirlooms that will be in the family for-ever. For example, several years ago my wife took an empty plastic cool-whip tub and covered it with batting and fabric and turned it into a beautiful basket that was an Easter Basket one year, but now holds our remote controls in the living room.