What You Should Know About Eating Disorders

It can be very difficult to identify an eating disorder. You can’t tell just by looking at someone because the person’s appearance won’t necessarily change immediately. Since these disorders are so difficult to diagnose, it is important for those who believe that a family member has an eating order to educate themselves on the warning signs and treatment options.

The Numbers

Eating disorders are the number one cause of death among women between the ages of 17 and 24 in the United States. They also have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder in the country. Only about 10 percent of all people who suffer from one of these disorders receive treatment, which is what makes it so dangerous.

Treatment Options

Doctors have a few different options when treating bulimia and anorexia. Since this is viewed as a psychological disorder, it must be treated from within. Doctors tend to teach their patients coping skills, in addition to helping them understand the reason why they have developed the disorder in the first place.

Teaching and Learning

The more you learn about eating disorders, the better off you will be. While you still might not have the skills needed to help a loved one who is suffering, you will at least be able to identify the problem and help her get the assistance that she needs.

A fun way to raise money for your favorite charity

Seth told me that he has found a fun way to get involved in charity fundraising for his favorite charity. He has a couple of different non profit charity organizations that he is very fond of.  One being the Locks of Love charity because one of his nieces has cancer and has lost her hair.

The Locks of Love charity takes donated hair and turns them into wigs to give to children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. Anyway, Seth has found a program that encourages donation to charites by getting involved in making and fulfilling dares and collecting money from pledges from other people related to the dares. The participants can pick the charity of their choice for the fundraising efforts. I suspect this is what was behind the recent “ice bucket” challenges that happened recently.

Favorite flavors

Do you have a favorite flavor of ice cream? I’m not sure that I do.  I really like a variety of flavors. Lately my favorite is a pecan caramel praline flavor by Bryers. The grocery store that I shop at doesn’t always carry that flavor, so when I find it I often buy several cartons of it. I have never quite figured out why the price of ice cream fluctuates so much – it is almost as volatile as gasoline! One week it will be almost $6 for the carton, then a few weeks later it will be less than half that price! I find it very aggravating – when it is really expensive I won’t buy it. I wonder if everyone shops that way and that is perhaps the reason why every couple of weeks the price drops!

How To Reduce Neck Pain

There are a great many sources of neck pain. Poor posture, arthritis, accidents and injuries can all lead to neck pain. Dealing with it can be difficult, but there are remedies.

First things first. Practice good posture. That can make the difference between dealing with pain and being pain free. If that isn’t enough, and you still have a stiff, sore neck the first thing to do is to put an ice pack on your neck decrease the pain and any inflammation in the area. Just don’t do it for too long, ten minutes at a time is more than enough. A massage from a professional therapist may also be just the right thing for you if you have persistent neck pain.

Unfortunately, these remedies will not help all neck problems. Sometimes treating neck pain will involve going to your doctor and having him take a look at your neck things out. Your doctor may prescribe rest and medication, short term immobilization with a soft collar, electrical stimulation or physical therapy or steroidal injections.

Physical therapy can show you proper posture as well as teaching you neck strengthening exercises that will go a long way towards treating the root causes of you neck pain. Immobilization will help by taking pressure off of the injured areas of your neck. Electrical stimulation can relieve pain by interrupting pain signals from the nerves to the brain.

It is rare when surgery is needed. Talk to your doctor about your options for how to best deal with your neck pain.

I watch a lot of television

I admit that I really enjoy watching television.  A lot.  After a long hard day at work, I look forward to relaxing at home for a couple of hours watching my favorite shows before heading to bed.  My wife and I have been thinking about checking out the satellite television options and see how they compare to the cable service that we currently have.

My brother has been telling me how much he loves his satellite TV service, and has been encouraging us to switch to satellite TV service as well.  He tells me that I can watch a lot more sports and movies than what I currently get with the service I have now, for about the same price as what I’m paying now. So I guess I’ll look into it.  If I can get more channels for the same amount of money, then that is a better deal.  And I’m all about getting good deals!