Masonic Rings

When Jeff joined the local Masonic lodge, he was very excited about the pomp and circumstance, the rituals, and the attire. He was especially interested in getting a Masonic ring as soon as he could! We looked around online to see if we could find a local place that might sell Masonic jewelry, and we made a lot of telephone calls, but short of going to a pawn shop, it didn’t look like we were going to be able to get a masonic ring here anywhere locally. So now we are doing some price comparison shopping online to see what the options are. There are a lot of choices, that is for sure!

Presidents Day

Presidents Day (Free Clip Art)

Presidents Day (Free Clip Art)

When I was a kid, we had a school holiday for each of President Lincoln and President Washington’s birthdays. We did not, however, have a school holiday for Martin Luther King Day. At some point in time the federal government decided to honor Martin Luther King by giving him his own special holiday in January, and then, in order to prevent the need for giving their employees another paid holiday (God forbid we give our employees another paid day off!) the powers that be decided to “merge” the holiday in February to only one day.

I understand why they did that, but I feel ripped off. And I also think that it is silly to celebrate Martin Luther King’s day in January, and then declare February “Black History Month.” I think that it would make more sense to declare January “Black History Month” if that is the month we have the Martin Luther King holiday recognized! I mean seriously, why did they do that? I am wondering if it is because February is the shortest month in the year, with only 28 days, and January is one of the longest months, with 31 days. Are we doing this because we want to short-change the black people again? Is this covert racism? What do YOU think?

The Guitar of Stars

When I was watching this video from the CBS Sunday morning’s television broadcast about Martin guitars I learned that some of the most famous musicians – for example – Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, and Sting all played (or still play) the Martin acoustic guitar! The Martin Guitar factory is in Pennsylvania (hooray for things manufactured in the USA) and have been manufactured for over 180 years! I learned that the company has been family owned for six generations! I think that’s pretty awesome!

Valentine’s Day is approaching

I’ve got to plan something special for Valentine’s Day for my wife. Money is tight, though, so I have to be budget minded! I’m thinking about cooking her dinner (maybe spaghetti) and washing the dishes. Eating by candle light, giving her a nice card and a flowering plant. And then watch the movie Lady and The Tramp! I think she’d like that a lot. If you have any good ideas that don’t cost a lot of money, let me know!

Bad driving conditions

Well, the winter weather we have been having recently certainly makes for dangerous driving conditions! This area does not get this kind of weather frequently enough for the government(s) to invest a lot of money in snow plows and sanding machines, and the employment of the driver/operators needed to run them.

What’s sad is that so many businesses still expect their employees to come to work, even in extreme weather! I don’t think that speaks well of those businesses. I think that if the local schools are closed, it is because their experts have determined that it is not safe driving for the school buses to get the children safely to school. And I feel that if the roads are not safe enough for the school buses to be out there, then all businesses (except the essential hospitals and emergency services) should be closed, too. Simply out of concern for the safety of the workers.