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Kool Aid

I’m tired of iced tea. Sodas just don’t cut it any more. Beer is best but you can’t go around drinking that day in and day out right? I used to really enjoy Kool Aid when I was a kid, so I decided to pick up a few packages of the flavors that they have these days and I have to say that I’m really enjoying them, a nice change.

Irish snakes

From time to time people tell me that the reason that the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s day is because St Patrick drove all of the snakes out/off of Ireland. One story tells that he had made a deal with the snakes that if they left Ireland he would give them poisonous venom as a reward. I was just reading an article that explains that the last Ice Age is what rid Ireland of snakes. So I wonder who is St Patrick REALLY and why is he supposed to be such a hero that his “day” is celebrated every year with green beer and parades and corned beef cabbage.

Craft beers gaining popularity

I was reading an article on the Time.com website about how high-end high alcohol beers and becoming more popular. These beers are sometimes being brewed by smaller, less well known breweries than the mainstream breweries, and are intended to compete with wine rather than the “average” run of the mill beer. These beers often have more than twice the alcohol content than “regular” beer. One of these beers was developed by the makers of Samuel Adams Beer and has been named “Utopia” beer and sells for $140 per 24 ounce bottle. The article was talking about how these beers are “richer” and because of that people would not WANT to drink more, they would drink less.

Most of the people that I know would rather drink MORE beer, not less! I can’t imagine going to a barbecue picnic and only drinking one beer, it would not seem like a party to limit oneself to only one! After that one beer is gone and you’re thirsty again, then what would you drink? I guess this is the kind of beer one would order at a restaurant where you are only going to be there a short time.