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Getting a card

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

I think that I have decided to get a new credit card. My favorite store, Ann Taylor, has started offering free shipping off of their website if you use your Ann Taylor credit card. I have only had one credit card since I was sixteen years old. My parents always warned me never to get a credit card. They said that I should only use it for emergencies. They said that if I couldn’t buy something straight out, I didn’t need it. Anyway, I always use my clear wireless internet Reading connection to log onto Ann and do some shopping. They usually have a greater variety of sizes and have great sales. The shipping though is usually a flat ten dollars and fifty cents. That really is a pretty good bit of money. Unless I am going to order a lot of things ( over hundred and fifty dollars worth), ordering on-line doesn’t really make sense to me. I think that I am going to think really hard about getting the credit card. I think that I will use it a lot, get free shipping, and can turn around and pay off my account as soon as I use the card.


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